POSTMODERN — is an award winning post-production company providing film and animation production for motion pictures and gamedev companies.
Our offices in London, Nicosia and Kiev is a part of FILM.UA Group that is the largest group of companies in the industry of motion pictures and TV production in CIS countries. Our aim is the production of award winning motion pictures and cinematics that will push the boundaries of the viewer’s highest expectations, combining art and technology.

The hallmark of our company is a unique in-house developed management system for the creative projects that allows us to optimize budgets, and to make such production schedule so as to meet the deadlines.

We commit ourselves to attaining the highest standards of creativity and production quality. We walk the tight rope with ease when it comes to gluing your audience to its seats. Engaging and immersive visual effects, great production quality, superb directorial skills make your film a trick in the eyes of viewers.

We are proud of the projects implemented for PPI, Warner Brothers, SONY PICTURES, CPI, B&H film distribution, Favourite Films, Central Partnership, Studio Kvartal-95.

Over the years we have accumulated a great deal of knowledge, invented a variety of tools, and built an absolutely talented team of VFX specialists, animators, etc. We are committed to producing immersive visual effects that will take your breath away.

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