Inseparable - love story against the disaster background

It was a year long work and finally movie is on screens. «Inseparable» - it is deep reevaluation of the tragedy, that had happened in Ukraine, but had influenced most of the world. Main story line unfolds against the background of the disaster. As director Vitaliy Vorobiev says: “It is a love story”. But we shall add that it is a love story, which unfolds against the background of the most powerful disaster – explosion at the Chernobyl Power Plant.

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Postmodern become a winner of FICCI BAF award

Visual Effects produced by Postmodern company were recognized as the best and received FICCI BAF award

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Two of our projects were nominated for FICCI BAF award

List of nominees of FICCI BAF award was announced on 5th of March, 2013. There are two nominees in VFX in a TV episode category: character animation for “Werewolf under the lee”, VFX for TV series “Chkalov. Ups and downs”.

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CG Event - Event Reel award

POSTMODERN showreel was recognized as the best video reel presented in terms of 10-th CG Event Moscow 2012.

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CDSA certified

Regular content security audit accoplished successfully. 
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Our sound studio received Dolby Premier Certificate

One of our studios has passed through the Dolby Premier Certification.

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"Chkalov. Ups and downs"

On the First Russian Channel today premiere series "Chkalov. Ups and downs"
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“Project management. Mythology, reality, tools.”

Workshop by Egor Borschevskiy “Project management. Mythology, reality, tools.”
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Funny "Taxi"

Funny "Taxi" is leaving it's garage
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The Polar Flight

Our new job at the endge of the imagination and reality - "The Polar Flight"

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