Postmodern has commissioned “Troy” foley-studio

Full cycle of audiovisual post-production – done. Postmodern (FILM.UA Group) has commissioned “Troy” foley-studio.

We are proud to report that Postmodern (FILM.UA Group) launches foley studio Troy and from now on provides a full cycle of audiovisual post-production!  

The launch of this foley studio, adding up to all the other Postmodern services (VFX creation, pre-visualization, color correction, cinematics for games, dubbing, sound recording, sound design, audio and graphical adaptation for any content), provides an opportunity to implement the whole cycle of audiovisual post-production.  

In February, construction works and equipment procurement for the noise recording studio were completed. A unique platform with different surfaces was created, starting from gravel and tarmac and up to a pool for working with liquids. There are no limits: expendable supplies are procured in full for a specific project.    

 The first project Troy will create foley sounds for is The Stronghold; its Ukrainian release is expected in spring on Novyi TV channel.  

Postmodern has provided services since 2007. Its professional team regularly executes projects for international majors, including 21st Centuries FOX, DreamWorks, AMC, PPI, Warner Bros., and SONY PICTURES. Postmodern is a part of FILM.UA Group, the biggest Eastern European vertically integrated company group in TV and film production located in the Ukrainian capital.

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