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In October of 1941, Soviet people still believe that the war with Germany will not last longer than a few months. Nonetheless, an order from the authorities brings not only factories, but historical valuables away from the front. A small-town museum, which had been cozily housed in an ancient monastery, is evacuated. The team charged with saving its cultural property consists only of a young woman named Asya, her professor father, and his assistant Fedenka. There is one special piece in the museum, which is supposed to go on exhibit under the patronage of Comrade Stalin himself; but the Germans, too, have plans for this item.



Aleksandr Beresan
Director of Photography:
Aleksei Lamakh
Maryana Bek and Elena Boyko


Evgenia Brik
Dmitriy Orlov
Miroslav Bilonogiy
Aleksandr Kobzar
Viktoria Malektorovich
Sergei Kalantai
Dirk Martens
Evgeniy Ermakov
Yuriy Shulgan
Mikhail Jonin
Sergei Romaniuk
Vladimir Levitskiy
Dmitriy Surjikov
Alesei Arestovich
Igor Gnezdilov

credits postmodern

Nataliya Artyukhova
postproduction producer
Alexandr Stepanov
Eugeniy Petrus
sound editor
Bogdan Bondarchuk
digital compositor
Andrey Savchenko
digital compositor
digital compositor
Irina Vasilenko
digital compositor
Kirill Chayka
FX artist

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