In the middle of 2006 Postmodern has started dubbing feature films for such major companies as Disney, Paramount and Universal. Since that time, company has dubbed over 200 world famous films and TV series for theatrical releases and broadcasting in Ukraine.

Postmodern provides a full cucle of postproduction and adaptation services for feature films and TV projects to numerous local and global clients. Our company is a part of the leading Ukrainian media production holding FILM.UA Group. To prove content security, Postmodern has been passing annual CDSA accreditation since 2011.

— Content receipt via 2x200 Mbit fiber network or satellite

— Professional translation, stylistic and cultural adaptation

— Dubbing into Ukrainian and Russian

— Sound editing

— Dolby Premier Studio for mixing and encoding

— DCP mastering — including titles, subtitles and inserts localization

— KDM creation — a completed base of cinema servers is available

— Delivery within Ukraine and other Eastern European countries

— Titles and subtitles localization

— Multilingual voice over


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