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Comissar's wagon

Fall of 1941. A decree of Defence Committee about the alcohol beverage allowance for the army was just issued.
Sgt. Filippov gets the assignment to deliver so known " first 100 narkomovskih gram" to the infantry division.  He gets four girls from the Red Army, a local old guide Arkhip and his grandson teenage Mitya as assistnts. Train pulls off being loaded with containers.
A few hours of this seemingly routine travel to the rearward makes all of them to go through the real military trials: more than once to join the battle, to witness the high courage and base cowardice, to face love and jealousy.


Directed by:

Vlad Furman

Written by:

Andrew Shishov


Maxim Shinkorenko


Arthur Mkrtchyan


Alexander Kholodtsov

Produced by:

Anatoly Chizhikov

Sergei Kulikov

Natalia Chizhikova

Yuri Sanalaty

Armen Petrosyan

credits postmodern

Postproduction producer

Egor Olesov

VFX supervisor

Bogdan Bondarchuk

FX artist

Dmitriy Kolesnik

FX artist

Kirill Chayka


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