The Trap

Rough 90s have passed. But people who once had a taste of the big time, do not miss their chance during another sharing out to get even more. One of the most important authorities in southern Russia, Vyacheslav Lebedev, nicknamed "Artist", retires on a well-deserved pension, leaving his empire to his loyal deputies ... It was the circumstance which made leaders of other groups to decide that it was time for the redivision of spheres of influence. And without preventing the war, not only the city but the entire region will drown in blood. Film "The Trap" allows the viewer to dive into the world of action, brutal gangster shootouts and sincere feelings, where love borders on death, and the honor becomes the hostage of money and power.


Sound recording and edit, colorcorrection, CG/VFX



Sergey Korotayev


Armen Davityan

Victor Mirsky

Creative producer

Vladimir Issat

Executive producer

Sergey Demidov


Vasiliy Popov

Dmitriy Lysenko

Evgeniy Gorislavets



Sergey Gazarov

Igor Botvin

Anatoliy Khostikoyev

Ivan Oganesyan

Sergey Sosnovsky

Maksim Drozd

Evgeniy Efremov

Sergey Strelnikov

Stanislav Boklan

Marina Konyashkina

Victor Shestakov

Natalya Dolya

Inna Kapinos

Ekaterina Kisten

credits postmodern

Postproduction producer

Katerina Ponomarenko

CG/VFX producer

Yanina Sulima


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