A house with lilies

"A house with lilies" - the family saga about the fate of the hero war veteran Mikhail Govorov, his favorite women and children, offering a viewer an opportunity to trace the fate of several generations of Soviet and post-Soviet people since the mid-twentieth century to the present day.


After the end of World War II hero-soldier communist Mikhail Govorov ranks high Party position in one of a regional centers and the whole family moved to a country house. At first time, nor Govorov nor members of his family did not pay much attention to the legend that is shrouded in their new place of residence. According to the legend, the house is cursed, and neither the owners nor their children and grandchildren will not be happy in love...


Installations, color correction, VFX, sound postproduction.



Vladimir Krasnopolskiy



Sergei Makhovikov

Daria Moroz

Nikolai Dobrynin

Olesya Sudzilovskaya

Yevgeny Knyazev

Viktor Rakov

Boris Khimichev

Sergei Batalov

Mikhail Zhigalov

Anna Gorshkova

Denis Matrosov

Michael Pshenichniy

Olesya Zhurakovskaya

Valentine Lukashchuk

Aleksey Fateev

Elena Radevich

Ilona Arsentieva



Anatoly Chizhikov

Natalia Chizhikova

Sergey Kulikov

Victor Mirsky



Maria Beck

Elena Boyko



Timur Zelma


Tatiana Laptev-Kondratova

Alexander Kondrashov

credits postmodern

Post-production producer 

Natalia Artyuhova


Editing director 

Victor Onysko


Site audio recording

Alexander Elchev

Mihain Naskalniy

Sergei Mashinskiy 


Producing sound 

Alexander Elchev


Sound toning director

Anna Malienko


Noise design 

Alexander Elchev


Synchronous noise 

Sergey Tarasyuk

Oksana Tarasyuk


Color Correction 

Alexander Stepanov 

Video engineer 

Andrey Dovgiy

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