Cornerstone is a place known for delivering babies and ironically, its employees are storks, along with other birds. However, the current CEO of cornerstone, a stork named Hunter, discontinues the baby delivering business; seeing more profit by converting the company to a postal service. However, the last baby that was made before the baby production shut down is taken in by the company and they name her Tulip. 

Eighteen years later, Junior, Cornerstone's top delivery stork, is about to be given his much coveted position as boss of Cornerstone while Hunter is about to be promoted as Chairman. Tulip, now a teenager, is working to promote new ideas for Cornerstone, like jet packs for flightless birds, but they always backfire. So Junior is ordered by Hunter to discharge Tulip from the company to be given his boss position. Despite wanting his promotion very badly, Junior cannot find the heart to fire Tulip due to her kindness and hard work; so he instead misleads her into believing that she is being transferred to mail business and sends her to the mail room, ordering her to never leave it.


Directed by            

Nicholas Stoller

Doug Sweetland

Produced by          

Brad Lewis

Nicholas Stoller

Written by             

Nicholas Stoller


Andy Samberg

Katie Crown

Kelsey Grammer

Keegan-Michael Key

Jordan Peele

Jennifer Aniston

Ty Burrell

Danny Trejo

Stephen Kramer Glickman

Music by

Mychael Danna

Jeff Danna

Edited by

John Venzon

credits postmodern


Sergei Kovalchuk

Dubbing director

Pavel Skorokhodko

Sound engineer

Aleksander Mostovenko

Mixing engineer

Dmitrii Mialkovskii

Dubbing actors:

Vladimir Ostapchuk

Antonina Hizhniak

Aleksander Mostrenko

Boris Georgievskii

Pavel Skorokhodko

Egor Skorokhodko

Nazar Zadneprovskii

Natalia Romanko

and others

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