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Berlin Style Roast Hare

Even yesterday, chef of the famous restaurant "Metropol" Peter Lomov regaled his trademark dish of "hare and Berlin," the military attache in Germany. And now comes to the front, to avenge the murdered Germans son. Despite the fact that Lomov assigned to the kitchen, sometimes it is in the thick of the fighting. After reading a piece in the combat exploits of Private Ivan Lomov Lomov, Peter finds the hope that his son is alive. Displaying remarkable ingenuity in the fight against the Nazis, performing feats Lomov looking for his son on the road of war.


Sergey Krutin
Written by:
Basil Blednov
Dmitry Grachev
Elena Isayev


Arthur Waha
Daniel Spivakovsky
Inga infantry Oboldina
Rima Zyubin
Valery Astakhov
Sergei Siplivyi
Vyacheslav Solomka

credits postmodern

Nataliya Artyukhova
postproduction producer
Alexandr Stepanov
Maksim Chub
sound producer
Roman Gomenyuk
assistant of sound producer
Eugeniy Mironenko
matte painting artist

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