Werewolf hunt

The story unfolds during the Great Patriotic War (the Eastern Front of World War II). Information is leaked to the Soviet High Command that Werewolf — a Nazi underground bunker — is to appear on the occupied territory of Ukraine. Werewolf is to become the brain center of Hitler’s attack.
A Soviet reconnaissance unit, let by Major Sedov, is deployed in the area. The cover story is to obtain and transmit information on the location and strength of the enemy forces around the bunker. But it is not until the group is actually lodged at the lair of the enemy that they find out the actual aim, pursued by the Soviet High Command. Theirs is the total disregard for human casualties, and so Major Sedov’s people are but pawns in the big game. But sometimes it is up to a pawn to checkmate the opponent...


Evgeny Mitrofanov
Director of Photography:
Mikhail Kvirikadze


Vladimir Litvinov
Boris Galkin
Vyacheslav Razbegajev
Pavel Trubiner
Michail Yefremov
Yevgeniya Glady
Vladimir Goryansky

credits postmodern

Egor Olesov
postproduction producer
Nataliya Artyukhova
postproduction koordinator
Alexandr Stepanov
Aleksandr Yelchev
sound editor

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