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Black sheeps

The story is set during the World War II. Seven prisoners manage to escape from the penitentiary and hide in a small village forsaken of God and men. Soon after they respire, they face a new hardship — a German subversive group appears near the village.
And as the fate decree, the former ‘enemies’ of the Motherland turn into its fierce defenders.
War mutilates lives of millions of people, but sometimes it is the war that makes even the most thorough scoundrel in the world to remember that he is also a MAN


Serhey Chekalov
Script by:
Igor Shvetsov

credits postmodern

Egor Olesov
postproduction producer
Nataliya Artyukhova
postproduction koordinator
Alexandr Stepanov
Alexandr Yelchev
sound producer
Dmitriy Ovcharenko
VFX supervisor
Dmitriy Kolesnik
FX artist
Igor Gotsulyak
FX artist
Eugeniy Mironenko
3D artist
Kirill Chayka
FX artist

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